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There will no longer be a designation of a “primary residential parent” or a “secondary residential parent.” Instead, cases involving minor children will now be required to obtain a “Parenting Plan” which details time-sharing which will take place between each parent and minor child. Even though the terminology may have changed, the fundamental issue of time-sharing between each parent and child, this must still be addressed in every case. Should the parents be unable to come to an agreement on a Parenting Plan, then the Judge will be making the decision on developing a Parenting Plan and both parties will be ordered to follow.

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Generally, both parents are entitled to the same rights in making major decisions (Shared Parental Responsibility), but the courts can award Sole Parental Responsibility to one parent in all areas or only in specific areas. In the state of Florida there is a public policy which will assure each minor has frequent and continuing contact with both parents after a divorce. The state encourages both parents to share the rights and responsibilities of child rearing.

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