Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law is relatively new approach to divorce in Florida – it is quicker, more cost-effective and results in a completely personalized and unique agreement regarding all aspects of a divorce. Instead of attempting to get back at the spouse who inflicted harm or betrayal upon the other, this form of divorce is entirely meant to be tailored to work for both parties.

In the beginning of the collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse and their lawyers will all sign an agreement stating that each person will work mutually in order to achieve an agreement. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, both lawyers agree to withdraw from the case – this will not benefit either attorney. If the case has to go to trial and it is in everyone’s best interest to reach a solution. Equally you and your spouse will still have your own Tampa collaborative divorce attorney throughout the process. The lawyers will advise you on the best option during the divorce procedure.

Mediators, experts and other professionals are occasionally utilized during divorces; this may also be brought to the collaborative process, depending upon the circumstances. Every possible decision that needs to be made in regards to child custody, child support, property division and all other divorce-related issues will be addressed and made with the assistance of a collaborative attorney with the cooperation of the other side.

This type of divorce usually results in making the decisions on all subjects. A judge will not determine something based on insufficient information in a collaborative divorce. Our Tampa collaborative divorce lawyer will work to determine the best possible option regarding all of the issues you are dealing with in your Tampa divorce case. No one knows the details of your marriage and the circumstances better than you do; a collaborative divorce may be the best, most cordial solution possible for your situation. A collaborative divorce is ideal for all those looking to achieve a friendly dissolution.