Tampa Flat Fee Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering a divorce, a cost-effective and practical option for your divorce is a flat-fee or uncontested divorce. Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning it is not necessary to state a negative reason for the dissolution of the marriage. Currently all you need to end the marriage is to state the union is “irretrievably broken.” Your spouse won’t need to agree that the marriage is “broken” and you can still obtain a divorce in Tampa, Florida.

If you have all the aspects of your divorce worked out in advance, then you maybe are suitable for a flat fee divorce. An uncontested divorce covers all the areas of a divorce, such as custody, child support and property division, and if an agreement is already in place. A flat fee divorce can be accomplished in about 20 days. A contested divorce could take months to years in order to be accomplished.

Our Tampa Divorce Attorney Has Years of Experience

Our Tampa flat fee divorce lawyer has been working with family and divorce laws for years; we have assisted numerous clients in the process of an uncontested divorce in Tampa.

Occasionally people start the dissolution process of the marriage on their own. This may result in a complicated legal mess which does not appear to have an easy solution. We will aid you through the complication of a divorce in Tampa. Even if the process has already been started, don’t feel like you can easily finalize your divorce. A professional Tampa uncontested divorce attorney can aid you through the difficult process. If you have all the details of your dissolution worked out, your divorce can be obtained much quicker.

Litigation can be very costly, if you don’t wish to bear the expenses of a divorce taken to trial, you can always do a flat fee divorce.