Tampa Grandparents' Rights Lawyer

Grandparents’ have rights to visit and keep in contact with their grandchildren under Tampa, Florida law. Nonetheless, it is crucial to recognize that the Florida Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court have made numerous decisions stating that grandparents’ rights laws are considered unconstitutional and are an invasion of parental rights.

Both courts the keep the intention of placing the child in the best possible environment. The decisions that have recently been put forth have demonstrated that the courts feel the birth parents are entitled to privacy. They should be able to raise their children in the manner they see appropriate.

There are various circumstances that grant grandparents or any other relatives to seek custody of the child in order to protect them from an unsafe environment. If your grandchild is a victim of neglect, abandonment or child abuse, you have the right to seek a safe home for your grandchild. Should a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or any other relative be able to provide a safer environment which is in the child’s best interest, receiving custody of the child is a definitive possibility.

Our Tampa Family Attorney Can Assist You

These forms of custody modifications regularly require an experienced Tampa family law lawyer who can assist you. We always keep the child’s best interests in mind. We understand how important the safety of your grandchild means to you. We will aid you in finding the best solution to the child’s living situation that creates a stable, loving and suitable environment. Our Tampa family law attorney is ready to speak with you about the details and the circumstances surrounding your unique situation in order to make the best decision to your case.

We are a law firm dedicated to our clients; you will have the ability to speak with an experienced family law attorney. We believe in developing strong relationships with our clients toward a success outcome. We will aid you, we look forward to assisting you resolve your case with a favorable outcome