Tampa Mediation Lawyer

A Divorce can be costly and time-consuming and emotionally draining process as well. Our Tampa divorce attorneys have considered it to be very important to work quickly in order to get you through the procedure in a timely and cost-effective manner. Mediation is an extremely effective tool that many Tampa divorce attorneys utilize to help resolve all the issues that may arise during the course of divorce. This involves the use of a neutral, independent mediator who is familiar with divorce law (generally being a family law lawyer) to assist in negotiating a settlement between the parties looking to obtain a divorce.

The process is geared to be informal and cordial and remains entirely confidential. The purpose is for both parties to reach an agreement and understanding they can be satisfied with. Many Offers and counteroffers will be made between parties, until an agreement on the divorce settlement can be attained. Neither side can at any point decide that they wish to take the process to court; nonetheless, mediation is a quicker and economical option if you are going through a divorce. Most people don’t wish to bear the costs of litigation. Mediation is a more logical option for people looking to settle a percentage of their issues out of court.

Our Tampa Divorce Attorney Has Extensive Experience

Our Tampa mediation lawyer is well experienced in presenting cases to mediators and going through a divorce process.

If you choose to go to trial after working out some disagreements in mediation, you still have the benefit of having come to a resolution to some of the divorce issues. Evidently, our primary goal is to work to achieve a settlement quickly and have both parties satisfied with the outcome. More than half of the cases that have come through our office were successfully mediated; avoiding heavy financial and emotional costs of divorce litigation. We can help you through this difficult time. Call our experienced Tampa divorce Lawyer.