Tampa Permanent Alimony Attorney

Permanent alimony, or permanent periodic alimony, is typically defined as the financial support given from one spouse to another in order to maintain the standard of a living set forth before the marriage was broken. When going through a divorce, financial concerns can be your primary concern. Florida divorce laws can be extremely confusing, it is critical to know what to expect from your divorce proceedings. Both the husband and wife may be eligible to receive alimony. There are several differential forms of alimony that a spouse can expect to receive or be required to pay.

In order for a spouse to be eligible for permanent alimony, usually the marriage needs to have been long-term. In the past, a marriage had to have lasted for 20 years or more in order to be eligible for permanent alimony in Tampa, Florida. Recently, there have been cases where permanent alimony is awarded to the dependent spouse in marriages only lasting 14 years and some even less time.

As a Tampa permanent alimony lawyer, we ensure to continue our education in the subject of alimony and alimony laws that can assist your case. It is crucial to work with an attorney who knows all aspects surrounding permanent alimony and divorce laws.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best legal advice and representation during this emotional and difficult experience.

Our Tampa divorce lawyers assist all individuals currently going through a divorce and those looking to modify their current alimony agreement.

Permanent alimony may change if the spouse receiving the financial assistance has entered into a supportive relationship. Despite what your current permanent alimony issues are, we have obtain the experience and legal knowledge necessary to sort out any problems you may be encountering.

Our ultimate goal is to assist you in achieving the best possible arrangement. If cooperation becomes impossible, our permanent alimony lawyers experienced and prepared for trial.