Tampa Recovery of Attorney’s Fees

A divorce is an extremely emotional and difficult time for everyone involved; it may also be financially draining. If one spouse has more financial stability than the other may have this can become a financially draining situation. It is crucial to have a lawyer who is familiar with family law to ensure your rights are upheld throughout the divorce proceedings. What if you don’t have the money to ensure the legal representation that you deserve?

Although all attorney’s fees are the responsibility of the client, there is a Florida Statute which allows trial judges to order one spouse to pay for some or all of the other spouse's attorney’s fees.

This law is in place in order to protect the disadvantaged spouse throughout the divorce proceedings. It is essential that both sides are able to obtain equally respectable representation. The lack of justice and turmoil that may result from a divorce when one spouse has the advantage over the other spouse who has little or no resources to work with a qualified lawyer.

Our Tampa Divorce Lawyer Provides Skilled Representation

We want to ensure you obtain the best representation possible in your divorce case. Our Tampa lawyers are familiar with Florida statutes, which govern all aspects of family law and divorce law in Tampa. Our qualified attorneys wish to help you and your families go through this process as smoothly as possible. We are extremely familiar with the recovery of attorney’s fees. The Courts will award the attorney’s fees based on need.

If you and your spouse have an equal financial opportunity to hire legal representation, it is common that neither party will receive compensation for their attorney’s fees.

Nonetheless, there have been numerous cases when one spouse is more financially stable than the other, this comes to play generally when one spouse was solely caring for the home and the family at home.

Generally in these cases, it is more commonly seen that the court will order the spouse with the greater income to pay for the other spouse’s attorney’s fees.