Tampa Relocation of Children Lawyer

If you have been given custody of your child after a divorce case, there are some important laws in effect in order to protect the parents and children. These laws must be followed by the parents. If anyone of the parents is looking to move more than 50 miles from their current residence, it is critical you receive permission first. As a matter of fact, Florida Statutes states that if the parent with primary residential custody of a child/ children wishes to relocate, he or she must attain a court order or a written agreement between both parents allowing one to move away more than 50 miles from their current location.

Should either parent is be considering to relocate the primary residence of the child, it is crucial to seek advice from a Tampa relocation of children attorney. This will help you ensure that the proper rules are followed. Should you choose to relocate without obtaining an agreement, you may be held in contempt of court or lose your current custody status; this is dependent upon the circumstances.

Both parents have legal rights to the visitation and custody of their children. It is essential that any decision to relocate is made after speaking with an attorney and discussing the opinions of both parents. A Tampa relocation of children attorney can assist you through the process of relocation of the children in Tampa. Should the main custodial parent file a motion and the other parent fails to respond in a timely manner, you risk losing the right to argue the relocation of your children. These are reasons that make consulting a lawyer and rational step in the process of relocation of the children in Tampa.

When seeking to obtain a court order to allow the relocation, you are at risk of the other parent refusing to agree to the move. At this point, the court will take specific steps to determine if the relocation of the child should be allowed.

Our divorce lawyers are devoted to keeping the rights of the children and the parents in family law cases. The relocation of children in Tampa is no different; we will aid you throughout the entire process. Our relocation lawyers have the experience and skills in handling this type of family law.